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IR35 – Is this the start of the “PSC mass-exodus” from the Public Sector? reports that GSTT will likely lose 60% of their Project based workforce, rolling out W10, upgrading from XP. Due to the fact that they find the PSC’s within the “OffPayroll Worker” ruling.

Is this because they are ill-advised, do not understand the legislation or are being over cautious? Either way, this could lead other Public Sector bodies into difficulty too. Specifically, the large digital or Cloud programs that currently exist, all of […]

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Cloud – how does this impact IT Recruitment?

Does the emergence of cloud technology impact the world of IT Recruitment?

Any organisation of any size that is seriously considering moving part or all of its current infrastructure, database(s) or applications to the “Cloud” has a huge number of implications to consider. Not only the cost of the move, the perceived lack of security, potential OPEX v CAPEX benefits and integration challenges. Also, the cross-training or re-assignment of […]

Vertex Celebrates 15 years!

Vertex-15thBirthday-Linkedin-CoPg-Header-Image[1]In October 2015, Vertex is 15 years old. In the scheme of things this is not particularly old, but for us it is a highly pleasing milestone. During this time, Vertex has grown and matured into an industry wide regarded IT Recruitment and Training company. We have also passed through two recessions, witnessed 4 football World Cup’s, 8 Olympic Games (Winter and Summer), […]

What Employers Look For In IT Jobs

Most people are unaware as to what employers are looking for when they try to hire staff in the field of IT. It is fairly straightforward to understand what is required on the part of prospective employees but it still leaves most people confused.
To help put that right, here are a few suggestions on the things or qualities that employers always look for. First, your educational qualifications are considered; the academic background […]

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Jobs In Information Technology

Jobs in Information Technology are everywhere. They can even be found in places where you wouldn’t expecting them to be.

If you are looking for a great career or if you want a change in career, then you need to take Information Technology jobs into consideration. The field of Information Technology continues to grow and expand as nowadays business organizations require more and more IT experts than they previously did in the past.

This […]

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The future of choosing Information Technology as a career

Obtaining a degree in information technology has no standoffs. On the contrary, it is very useful and it has a bright future. The rise of technological advancement seems to occur daily and it shows no sign of slowing down. So, those who have an interest in working with computers need not worry when they decide to choose information technology as their career. It does not matter which part of the world you […]

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Why all of top management needs to ask a few IT questions

The list of useful IT tools that can be employed is growing daily. From social media to mobile devices to video conferencing to blogs and tweets, the list of technologies that can potentially help companies gain huge benefits is never in short supply. However, these can also lead to huge disasters and as the management of these applications can be a daunting task, there is a tendency for top management to wash […]

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How to create a quality project schedule

A good quality project schedule is the best way to start a successful project. In fact, the first thing that you need to do upon being given a project to manage is to make a schedule. A major mistake that people tend to make is that they get on with the work first hoping that the schedule will somehow work itself out. This is the kind of mistake that will leave you […]

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Providing technical support for your product

Your product requires technical support no matter whether your product is a web application, an open-source script or a downloadable product. It is really important is that you do not underestimate the importance of support. In fact it is so important that the technical support you have in place could prove to be the key selling point. It is the reason why a customer would choose your product over another in this […]

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Critical Factor in Safeguarding the Assets of a Company

The regulatory demands are mounting. The 24/7 businesses are growing and there is a lurking fear of an uncertain economy. All these highlights the importance of risk management. These risks are considerable in IT management and need to be addressed through a well planned strategy that is implemented effectively with little room for errors. This implies that the role of IT management is evolving and puts the highest responsibility on the shoulders […]

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