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IR35 – Is this the start of the “PSC mass-exodus” from the Public Sector? reports that GSTT will likely lose 60% of their Project based workforce, rolling out W10, upgrading from XP. Due to the fact that they find the PSC’s within the “OffPayroll Worker” ruling.

Is this because they are ill-advised, do not understand the legislation or are being over cautious? Either way, this could lead other Public Sector bodies into difficulty too. Specifically, the large digital or Cloud programs that currently exist, all of […]

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Cloud – how does this impact IT Recruitment?

Does the emergence of cloud technology impact the world of IT Recruitment?

Any organisation of any size that is seriously considering moving part or all of its current infrastructure, database(s) or applications to the “Cloud” has a huge number of implications to consider. Not only the cost of the move, the perceived lack of security, potential OPEX v CAPEX benefits and integration challenges. Also, the cross-training or re-assignment of […]

Vertex Celebrates 15 years!

Vertex-15thBirthday-Linkedin-CoPg-Header-Image[1]In October 2015, Vertex is 15 years old. In the scheme of things this is not particularly old, but for us it is a highly pleasing milestone. During this time, Vertex has grown and matured into an industry wide regarded IT Recruitment and Training company. We have also passed through two recessions, witnessed 4 football World Cup’s, 8 Olympic Games (Winter and Summer), […]

Big Data – Opportunities for businesses

While more data becomes available and accessible from a variety of sources both within and outside, organisations are seeking to use those abundant resources to encourage innovation, increase customer retention rate, and improve operation efficiencies. Meanwhile, organisations are challenged by their end users, who are looking to embed greater capabilities and assimilation to mine and evaluate growing new source of information.

Big Data offers opportunities for enterprise users to seek answers to the […]

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Business Intelligence at a glance!

If you’re not familiar with it, Business intelligence just seems to be another buzzword. But with the way that data can be presented, and the complex details within lots of different formats of data, that all connect the landscape of business, we are sure pleased that business intelligence exists. The core purpose of business intelligence is to enable humans, (that’s you and me!) to perform what can be seen to […]

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