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“To build a strong future sales force, technology providers’ business unit and strategy leaders must better enable their sellers with skills that drive customer value. A targeted focus and tighter alignment with digital marketing initiatives and new buyer journeys can create a competitive advantage.”

It is imperative that organisations who sell IT Solutions and Services have the right sales force with the right attitude and customer facing skills. A mixture of cold-selling and pre-sales is vital to success in this climate. In-depth product knowledge is imperative, but not a stand alone skill. Buyers want to see ROI and value-add, this needs to be demonstrated clearly. The only way this can be achieved is by analysing the client requirements and needs, then presenting a solution that fits.

Buyers do not want to be sold to. They want solutions with real thought and value. We understand this at Vertex and this is how we are able to provide the right IT Sales person for the right organisation.

These skills are in high demand and therefore it is easy to “panic buy” when looking for resources. Let us guide through this process, by utilising our quality driven process, which reduces risk.

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