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devops iconDevOps is one of the newest movements within the current IT Market and really came to fruition during the early growth of the Cloud Era; it is a collaboration between Development and Operations. The key to being a true DevOps Professional is understanding the complete lifecycle and Cooperation from Development through to Operations. True Engineers understand that to work in a DevOps environment involves Transparency, Collaboration, Automation, integration and of course communication.

The whole idea of the movement was to increase productivity and speed of delivery, rather than having to continuously deal with red tape and constant high walls between departments, Development, Testing and Operations all sit under one roof and work together in harmony. Cross functional environments are mostly found to adhere to Agile principles, as this is a methodology that promotes such environments and increases production release rapidly.

Seeking the right candidate for a DevOps Role

Finding the best candidates for one of these roles can sometimes be a difficult task. Firstly finding an agency that understands DevOps can be an art in itself, then you have to find a candidate that has the same skills set or thereabouts as the function determines. Vertex has a database with over 30,000 candidates that are purely DevOps skilled, whether you need Permanent, Contract or Temporary staff, Vertex can assist you in the process.

Finding the next step in your DevOps career

Whether you are an experienced DevOps professional or fresh out of university, securing a new job within the sector you want is a difficult task. Registering with a recruitment company such as Vertex will simplify your search and give you a head start in front of your competitors.
Our consultants have profound knowledge in the field and can aid your job search so that you are able to land that position you have been after. Having expertise in areas such as DevOps, will put ahead of the rest of the pack.

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