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UK IT Skills and Jobs in Demand 2019

Innovation has never been at its highest. According to the Technology and Innovation Report of 2018 the UNCTAG (United Nations Conference of Trade and Development “We live at a time of technological change that is unprecedented in its pace, scope and depth...

Oracle EBS – it’s not like Vinyl in the music business!

Oracle are not “going retro”, more like making the great even better. Many organisations, in fact more than 6000 across the globe are still using the solid, secure and reliable Oracle E-Business. However, the results of a recent “straw poll” at the UKOUG Apps 18...

Should Recruiters be Marketers?

The Role of a Recruitment Consultant? For many years it has been the expectation of recruitment managers, hiring clients, internal recruitment teams, and consultancies alike that a Recruitment Consultant performs the role with a 360 degree view. The question now is;...

Interview Tips

Great news, the wonderful CV you wrote with the help of our CV writing tips post has got you a job interview! This is an important chance to sell yourself to the interviewer and show them why they don’t need to look any further. Interviews can be...

How To Write A CV

What does your CV really say about you? Recruitment consultants see a vast amount of CV’s daily that vary drastically in professionalism. There are some instant things that will prevent someone from continuing to read your CV, read more to find out what...

Women In Technology

When thinking about the tech industry many have associated it as ‘boys and their toys’, with companies not giving women a chance and leaving them underpaid, unsupported and the victim of everyday sexism. The challenges that women face to get a foot in the door are...