Corporate social responsibilities

//Corporate social responsibilities
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“A core part of our vision is to use our position to help the wider community and ensure we operate as an ethically sound and responsible organisation.”

Fundraising activities

We believe that charity involves a whole lot more than money. We have a full and varied approach to our participation and support. On top of our primary charity partnership, we engage our employees and actively support national charitable activities including:

Supporting our team

We appreciate that our employees feel passionately about particular causes and we encourage and support their activities throughout the year by contributing financially to their fundraising efforts.

Some of the amazing things our employees have fundraised for;

  • Aachen to Beckenham – LLR Cycle (over £25,000 raised)
  • Race for Life (Cancer Research)
  • London Marathon (Whizz Kidz)
  • Movember – 2015 view our team page –

Local Clubs that Vertex has sponsored;

  • Old Dunstonian Rugby Football Club
  • Bickley Cricket Club

Environmentally friendly

Just a few of our environmental programmes are;

  • Bike to work scheme
  • Ethical printing
  • Recycle scheme
  • Equipment audits